Novembre  2020

The Power of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Used for hundreds of years, medicinal mushrooms are not a new concept. Long revered for their ability to energize the body, boost the immune system and bring balance to the body.

More and more of you are incorporating them into your daily life to benefit from their precious benefits, whether to increase energy and vitality, boost concentration or to promote longevity.

Medicinal mushrooms act on one of the pillars of our health: the immune system, which they have the ability to modulate and strengthen thanks to the complex and unique molecules they contain. 


These natural wonders derive their medicinal properties and benefits from the powerful active ingredients they contain:

 Molecules with immunomodulatory capacities that support the immune system.

TRITERPENES: Molecules with antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

STEROLS: Medicinal mushrooms contain several varieties of sterols, the most studied being ergosterol with anti-aging properties and which helps fight cancer cells.

AND IT WORKS ! Because our cells have a strong natural affinity with these bioactive compounds that our body easily absorbs.

Which medicinal mushroom to take ?

Each medicinal mushroom produces different molecules and has its own characteristics and its own spectrum of benefits :

- Lion’s Mane is a powerful nootropic offering targeted action on the nervous system and has the ability to boost focus and memory.

- Reishi is a true vitality booster showcasing powerful benefits on the immune system, hormonal balance and helps reducing anxiety and stress.

- Shiitake is known for its incredible properties on the immune system and is known as life elixir, increasing longevity. Its detoxifying properties also benefit the skin and help promoting skin radiance.

- Maitake is considered a tonic in traditional medicine and is known to help fighting chronic fatigue thanks to its potent composition rich in polysaccharides. 

How to consume them ?

Easy to prepare, our coffees contain 500mg of medicinal mushroom extracts

There are different ways of consuming medicinal mushrooms, however the most effective forms are :

Extracts : the result of a complex extraction which ensures a high level of polysaccharides (the molecules responsible for most of medicinal mushrooms’ benefits). Extracts are in the form of powders (not to be confused with mushroom powder which contains fewer bioactive compounds). 

Tinctures : are also extracts and the result of an extraction which ensures a high level of polysaccharides. They come in the form of a liquid elixir.

To take full advantage of their benefits, we advise you to turn to organic and titrated products (especially in polysaccharides, the active ingredients at the origin of the main medicinal benefits).

Why add medicinal mushrooms to your coffee ?

When you combine coffee and medicinal mushrooms, they work synergistically. Coffee is a natural vehicle that makes active ingredients available to your body. 

Coffee has become a daily essential for most of us. A morning ritual that we cannot do without and that goes perfectly with a regular daily intake of powerful medicinal mushrooms.

Don't wait any longer and turn your daily cup of coffee into a powerful and invigorating ritual.  

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