August 2020

5 Essential rituals for a true Miracle Morning

« We are what we repeatedly do »

U few daily actions and rituals can have a big impact on our life, and we must not underestimate the weight of our habits.

We have listed our 5 essential rituals to start the day in the best possible way.


The morning is a privileged moment that can set up the good course of the whole day to come.

Our body emerges from several hours of deep sleep and our mind is already flooded with thoughts, whether positives or negatives.
So, let’s not start the day by grabbing our phone and find ourselves sucked into a flow of information, emails and notifications that will molest our brains and thoughts.

It might sound obvious but ask yourself what are the 3 first things you actually did this morning when you woke up…

« Check yourself first before checking your phone »

Give yourself time to wake up properly; to meditate for 10 minutes, to breathe. You will see the rest of your day will seem much easier !

Our favorite tool? A good meditation app can be a great tool to guide you in your meditation.


Start the day with a light exercise or stretching session that will allow to wake your body up gently, release the unneeded pressure and approach the rest of the day with serenity.

Here are some of our favorites to practice wherever you want. Our favorite Coaches can accompany you every morning. Select the session that suits you and just start with one !

- Yoga with Juliana Spicoluk (Boho Beautiful) - Offering many different options, you will inevitably find your ideal session among all the courses availavle on her Youtube channel. Our favorite session to start the day: Easy Yoga for Beginners Full Body Gentle Flow

- Pilates with Nicole Kastoun (Move With Nicole) - Sporty and intense sessions to work the muscles in depth. Our Favorite: 20 Minute Full Body Workout | At-Home Pilates 

- Fitness with Pamela Reif - Great ideas for short & intense at home sessions without any equipment. Pamela goes straight to physical exercises. Our favorite morning session: 20 Min Full Body Workout


« The way you feel & look will impact the way you act »

Tour skin also deserves to be pampered. As soon as you wake up, drink a large glass of water! It sounds simple, but proper hydration is the first step to a glowing complexion.

For the rest, you will find below a small selection of our favorite allies who accompany us every day!

Refreshing Cleanser Nettoyant Rafraîchissant – Tata Harper

Crème de jour aux plantes sauvages – On The Wild Side

Huile pour le visage marula organique – Drunk Elephant

Soin hydratant enrichissant pink – Aeos

Beurre corporel aux fleurs tropicales – Evolve Organic Beauty


« Don’t f*ck with breakfast »

Can't start the day without our breakfast essentials: 

  • Coffee + Adaptogens : Replace your ordinary cup with a premium organic coffee enhanced with adaptogens which will give you more energy while boosting your focus, your immune system and your metabolism.
  • Smart Granola : Forget your overly sweet cereals and opt for a bowl of high fiber granola accompanied by dried fruits and seeds. Prefer a product without palm oil or refined sugar to last all day.
  • Superfood Smoothies : no more industrial juices that are too sweet and without vitamins. Make your own recipes and combinations, simple and effective, rich in vitamins, you can even enhance them with your favorite superfoods.

Discover our range of Superfood Coffees and the benefits of our medicinal mushrooms.